Why Swiss Water Decaf is the best type of Decaf

That's an ad from the Swiss Water Process company. The main thing to know is that Swiss Water Decaf is not a coffee brand, but rather a company that specializes in decaffeinated beans for coffee roasters around the world. This makes decaf coffee more expensive to produce because it has an extra step in the supply chain.  Beans go from: farms to Canada (where SWP company is head quartered) to the coffee roasters to your chemex. 

Swiss water decaf is hands-down the best way to decafinate coffee. Unlike other decaffeination methods that use harsh chemical solvents, the Swiss water process is 100% chemical-free.

The Swiss Water Process

The Swiss water decaffeination method is a gentle, natural process that relies on basic scientific principles. Green coffee beans are soaked in very hot water to dissolve and remove the caffeine molecules. The water is then passed through a charcoal filter that traps the caffeine, allowing just the larger coffee molecules to pass through. This decaffeinated "green coffee extract" is then used to start the process over with a new batch of caffeine-rich green beans. The extract is essentially swapped back and forth until the beans are 99.9% caffeine-free while retaining their original flavor and nutrients.

Superior Taste and Health Benefits

Because no chemicals are used, Swiss water decaf tastes much more like regular coffee compared to other decaf methods. Many top specialty roasters like Peet's, Kicking Horse, and Blue Bottle offer Swiss water decaf options that are rich, smooth, and flavorful.The chemical-free process also allows the coffee beans to keep more of their natural antioxidants and nutrients intact. So you get all the health benefits of regular coffee, minus the anxiety-inducing effects of caffeine.If you want to enjoy a delicious, guilt-free cup of coffee any time of day, look for the Swiss water decaf seal. Your taste buds and your sleep cycle will thank you!

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