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Decaf Cinnamon Coffee (12oz)

Roasted AFTER you order

99.9% Caffeine-Free without chemicals

Small Co-Op farms in Colombia (~5300 ft) & Sumatra (~4000 ft)

Decaf Cinnamon Coffee warms you with its inviting aroma, reminiscent of cozy, spice-filled mornings without the caffeine's downsides. Each sip is a harmony of flavors, blending the comforting essence of cinnamon with a hint of sweetness and a smooth finish, ensuring you're always eager for the next cup.

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Why your coffee must be

Swiss Water Processed?

Picture it as a caffeine detox for your beans, but without the weird aftertaste or hazardous chemicals.

The Swiss Water Process is the top-tier decaffeination method. It’s all about giving you that smooth decaf goodness with 100% retained flavor and 99% removed caffeine from the beans.