Real Talk, Real Customers

Hayley B.

Subject: The BEST!

By far the best decaf I have ever tried!! It makes an amazing cold brew as well! Will definitely be getting the subscription next! 

Susan M.

Subject: Perfect

The flavor is so rich and I’m missing nothing about caffeine! I am truly so much less “jittery”. PERFECT name for my new PERFECT coffee❤️

Jordan J.

Subject: Changed my relationship with coffee

This blend is everything I’ve ever wanted from coffee in terms of taste and the dosage of caffeine. Taste: this is 20x better than traditional decaf beans and superior to all decaf blends I’ve tried in the past. I just love not sacrificing on this key aspect. Caffeine: before trying this, the idea of limiting my caffeine intake and shifting to a 1/3 blend was sadly terrifying. Now, I don’t even finish a single cup of regular coffee because I realize how sensitive I am to it. I sleep better, I’m less anxious, and I don’t crave coffee way I used to. I am so happy with my decision to “cut back” with this wonderful purple bag :)

Julia B.

Subject: As good as Italy

Tried the 1/3 caff espresso. My expectations were not too high given it was decaf. But it was delicious! Best I’ve had since I was in Italy.

Katie K.

Subject: Pick me up w/o impending doom!

I will forever love an afternoon coffee but finally don’t gamble with a “mistake”! This is the perfect amount of pep for the later part of the day that allows for a great long dog walk but doesn’t interfere with sleep! I loved this and can’t wait to try the full decaf for after dinner brews.

Molly L.

Subject: Delicious and quick delivery!

My coffee was delivered just a couple of days after ordering and it tastes great! Takes a second to read and follow the strength/brew instructions but the charts are helpful!

Kelly M.

Subject: Absolutely Delicious!

The flavor is unreal! Best decaf coffee I’ve ever tasted.