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Jitterliss ⅔ Caff Cinnamon Colombian Coffee

Jitterliss ⅔ Caff Cinnamon Colombian Coffee




Caffeine Level:

  • freshly cracked, real cinnamon
  • freshly roasted beans
  • high-quality Colombia Specialty Grade coffee

  • Many companies base their flavored coffees on lower-quality beans. We do not. We insist on only using the same high-quality beans, to ensure your flavored coffee meets our strict quality standards. It’s why our cinnamon coffee has an incredible flavor you won’t forget.

    For our low caff blends, we mix together caffeinated and decaffeinated beans. We use the Swiss Water Process (SWP) to decaffeinate our coffees. This process is free of the chemicals that many commercial coffee producers use.  In addition to being eco-friendly, it also maintains the original flavors of the coffee bean.


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