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Jitterliss ⅓ Caff Espresso Beans (12oz)

Jitterliss ⅓ Caff Espresso Beans (12oz)

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If you’ve invested in a high-end espresso machine, this Northern Italian style blend will make you glad you did. 

We were unique in that our blend is made of the same superior quality coffees that we sell as straight single origins. (Typically, blends contain low quality ingredients).

When brewed as cold brew, Mello’s flavors deepen and have a luscious mouth feel. As an espresso it's the perfect end to a meal. 

Taste Guarantee: Email us within 30 days for a refund if you're not satisfied with the taste.

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Swiss Water Process

Single Origin

+85 Q-Scores

Various Caffeine Levels

Swiss Water Process

Single Origin

+85 Q-Scores

Various Caffeine Levels

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of Low Caff Coffee

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Frequently Asked


How are we different?

We only buy specialty grade coffee and we do not sell regular coffee.  We focus all our taste testing decaf roasts. Our beans always have ~85 Q-Score because of our Cup of Excellence quality farmers. Our beans go through a chemical free decafination have a 99.9% caffeine removed guarantee. 

How much caffeine isin your decaf? 

Virtually none. We have a 99.9%caffeine removed guarantee. You'll find more caffeine in a piece of dark chocolate. What's great is that you can still experience increased alertness according to some studies.  

Is your coffee... Paleo, Keto, Kosher friendly? 

Is your coffee... Paleo,
Keto, Kosher friendly? 

Yes! Your diets will love the rich antioxidants from debatably the healthiest beverage in the world. 

Is your coffee organic? 

Basically, but we don't have the official USDA label.  Our coffee team does extensive research on each source and farmer. We avoid buying from large farms that use pesticides. Also, typically, organic farmers don’t produce the tastiest coffees and our priority is to optimize for flavor. The best-tasting coffee are usually grown by small farmers who can’t afford the certification costs and grow at high altitudes which makes it tough to transport all the certified organic fertilizers so they do it naturally.

Is your coffee fair trade? 

In sourcing the best-tasting coffees we often pay several dollars over commodity prices which far exceed fair trade standards, just without the logo. Getting the best quality beans means working directly with farmers as much as possible. And when we do, we work to ensure our partners are fairly compensated.

Does your coffee have mold in it?

Does your coffee
have mold in it?

Absolutely not. The specialty grade coffees we buy have zero defects like moldy beans, which occur typically in lower commercial grade coffees. 

Does coffee go bad?

The only thing that goes bad about coffee is its taste, but it takes awhile. The best way to store coffee for longer periods is freezing it. Freezing locks the flavors to the coffee beans and it will keep the coffee in same status as it would be a few days after roasting. When you get your order, put two of the bags in the freezer!

Real Talk, Real Customers

  • Hayley B.

    Subject: The BEST!

    By far the best decaf I have ever tried!! It makes an amazing cold brew as well! Will definitely be getting the subscription next! 

  • Susan M.

    Subject: Perfect

    The flavor is so rich and I’m missing nothing about caffeine! I am truly so much less “jittery”. PERFECT name for my new PERFECT coffee❤️

  • Jordan J.

    Subject: Changed my relationship with coffee

    This blend is everything I’ve ever wanted from coffee in terms of taste and the dosage of caffeine. Taste: this is 20x better than traditional decaf beans and superior to all decaf blends I’ve tried in the past. I just love not sacrificing on this key aspect. Caffeine: before trying this, the idea of limiting my caffeine intake and shifting to a 1/3 blend was sadly terrifying. Now, I don’t even finish a single cup of regular coffee because I realize how sensitive I am to it. I sleep better, I’m less anxious, and I don’t crave coffee way I used to. I am so happy with my decision to “cut back” with this wonderful purple bag :)

  • Julia B.

    Subject: As good as Italy

    Tried the 1/3 caff espresso. My expectations were not too high given it was decaf. But it was delicious! Best I’ve had since I was in Italy.

  • Katie K.

    Subject: Pick me up w/o impending doom!

    I will forever love an afternoon coffee but finally don’t gamble with a “mistake”! This is the perfect amount of pep for the later part of the day that allows for a great long dog walk but doesn’t interfere with sleep! I loved this and can’t wait to try the full decaf for after dinner brews.

  • Molly L.

    Subject: Delicious and quick delivery!

    My coffee was delivered just a couple of days after ordering and it tastes great! Takes a second to read and follow the strength/brew instructions but the charts are helpful!

  • Kelly M.

    Subject: Absolutely Delicious!

    The flavor is unreal! Best decaf coffee I’ve ever tasted.

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We offer a 30 day money back guarantee... that's how much we know you'll love it!

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee.


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